Java Software Engineer

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Java Software Engineer

The company, the team & its product:

The hiring company works with a global natural hazard detection software provider for both
private and public sectors.
You and your team will be collaborating with the natural disaster specialists to define the best
solutions for business requirements, architecture, development, deployment, and maintenance.
You will be working with colleagues from both Romania and Israel to achieve a highly available
system including backend services and client applications for different types of platforms and

Working Methodology: Kanban


  • Development of new microservices and improvement/re-architecture of existing ones.
  • Architecture and development of new features.
  • Involvement in design, early prototyping, and transformation of requirements into

  • Testing and deployment/ DevOps tasks.
  • Performance optimization.

    What you need to succeed in the position:
    ➔ Must-have skills and knowledge:

  • Java and DI frameworks
  • SQL
  • Understanding and experience with microservices and event-driven architecture
  • Unit testing
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of OOP
  • B2-C1 English Skills

    ➔ Nice to have skills and knowledge:

  • Experience with Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, or Kafka
  • Experience with Terraform or Cloudformation
  • Experience with Azure Cloud/Google Cloud, AWS, Docker Swarm, or Kubernetes
  • Scripting and network

    The technology stack used in the project:

  • Java as the main programming language
  • Kotlin, Bash with Python and C++ for integrations
  • Bitbucket for CI/CD
  • Docker Swarm for orchestration
  • Deployment in Azure and AWS
  • Other technologies: Spring Boot, RabbitMQ,
  • PostgreSQL, Influx, Victoria Metrics, Terraform

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