DevOps Engineer

Posted 11 luni ago

What are they looking for?


• Design, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain production and non-production environments.
• Work closely with R&D counterparts to create a productive methodology for delivering high quality production service.
• Implement monitoring and alerting systems around DevOps operations.
• Perform minor IT tasks such as basic user management in external systems (Jira, Figma, etc.)


• AWS - 2+ years of hands-on experience with AWS products - VPC, EC2, S3, Route53, SQS, SNS, API Gateway, RDS, CloudWatch.
• CI/CD - experience in designing and implementing Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment pipelines.
• Programming - understanding Software Development processes such as Design, Coding, Testing, Debugging, Deployment, and Maintenance. Ability to analyze code quality.
• Infrastructure as Code - experience with CloudFormation, Terraform, Pulumi or equivalent IaC tools.
• Networking - ability to solve connectivity problems, understanding of routing, subnetting, knowledge of communications protocols - IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP/HTTPS, DNS, DHCP, SSH.
• Containers - experience with Docker-based production environments running on AWS ECS or Kubernetes.
• Linux Administration - understanding of Operating System basics such as Process Management, Memory Management, File System, I/O, Device Drivers, Networking, and Security. Experience with software management on Linux. Experience with Shell scripting.
• DB Administration - experience with relational databases, performance tuning and monitoring. Ability to establish and maintain backup and recovery procedures.
• Monitoring - experience with managing ELK stack, CloudWatch, Datadog or equivalent monitoring tools. Ability to extract meaningful information from monitoring data.
• Security - understanding concepts of vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and remediation techniques.
• Communication - service oriented, team player. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

Constitutes an advantage

• AWS Certifications
• Strong programming experience with high-level languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java, understanding of programming design patterns, OOP/FP
• Deep understanding of Operating System Process Management