DevOps Releases

Posted 2 months ago



  • Defining and implementing processes of delivering changes to production for all client capabilities;
  • Continuously streamlining and further improving these processes;
  • Monitoring and providing useful reporting for these processes;
  • Standardizing the ways which our client release his own applications by establishing the same steps for all services (e.g., Checkmarx, sonarqube, etc.);
  • Ensuring commits can go to production deterministically and with no human interaction;
  • Operating all infrastructure required for code integration, testing, and deployment;
  • Keeping all infrastructure and services up-to-date and secure (e.g gitlab, Checkmarx, Nexus, etc.);
  • Working with development teams to introduce new and improving usage of existing tools;
  • Enabling teams to autonomously have safe deployments to production;
  • Together with development teams, defining deployment strategies for their applications;
  • Automating world-wide rollout of code changes;
  • Automating problem detection and rollback when needed;
  • Constantly updating deployment practices & capabilities based on feedback;
  • Working with security and compliance to introduce enough controls in the processes to be able to release rapidly, but safely;
  • Gathering required metrics and audit trails for compliance reporting.

 You need to have:

  • Solid knowledge of public cloud services;
  • Strong experience with continuous integration, testing, and deployments;
  • Software development and testing skills (Java, Python, Go, etc);
  • Experience with running applications required for CI/CD pipelines;
  • Continuous deployment strategies (blue/green, canary);
  • Knowledge of process management and monitoring;
  • Experience with managing applications on Kubernetes;
  • Experience with application monitoring and alerting on the scale;
  • Understanding of cloud-native applications and distributed systems;
  • Strong communication, organizational and problem-solving skills.

 Nice to have:

  • Experience with configuration management and infrastructure-as-code tools;
  • Application security knowledge (secure software development practices);
  • Experience with on-call rotation and incident handling.